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The grey fox that was brought to the hospital at the end of September with a PVC pipe around its neck is back in the wild. The fox was returned over the weekend to the area where it was first caught by a resident who noticed the pipe around its neck and brought it to Lindsay for help. After the pipe was removed, his wounds sutured and a couple of weeks spent healing, this feisty fox was definitely ready to go. Check out the video of him racing back to the wild! Thank you to the rescuer, volunteer veterinarian Dr. Kathy Hamilton and the hospital staff who helped remove the pipe, and all of the volunteers who cared for the fox. We’re so glad he was able to return home. #whywedowhatwedo
IT’S GETTING BATTY AROUND HERE: It’s no secret that we love Halloween. This year, we’re offering a special treat to tricksters of all ages: we’re raffling off the opportunity to name one of our animal ambassadors at our Howl-ooo-ween celebration on Oct. 25! The raffle winner will get the chance to pick one of several fun names for one of our Mexican free-tailed bats. Howl-ooo-ween tickets are selling fast, so get yours now. Buy tickets here: https://bit.ly/2oWfThn And because you can never have too much spooky fun, we're extending the bat naming beyond Howl-ooo-ween. During the last week of October, we’re giving visitors to Exhibit Hall the chance to help name our Pallid bat by voting for one of a few possible names. This special bat came to Lindsay in 2018 after it was found on the ground on someone’s porch. After some testing, she was observed flying abnormally because of swelling in her left wing joints — and we also discovered that she was pregnant. She gave birth to one baby, who was successfully returned to the wild. Be sure to visit Lindsay and vote for your favorite name! #bats #mexicanfreetailedbat #pallidbat #halloween