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WISDOM WEDNESDAY: Nothing says wisdom like the wise old owl! Except, what makes owls so wise again?? This idea dates back all the way to Ancient Greece, where owls were associated with wisdom, and the Greek Goddess Athena. However, this isn’t the only symbolism these majestic creatures are known for. Another popular belief among several cultures, is that owls are a symbol of death, and destruction. With such a wide array of significance, one thing is for certain, owls have always been and always will be mysterious creatures of the night! #wisdomwednesday #wiseoldowl #barnowl #lindsaywildlife #Alba
LINDSAY'S FUTURE: You may read the news about how we at Lindsay are looking towards the future. We are excited by our growth over the last few years and our future possibilities. Our ultimate wish is a campus, which would allow us to extend our mission of connecting people with wildlife beyond the physical limitations of a building footprint. A campus would allow us to engage guests of all ages in outdoor programming, expand permanent housing options for animal ambassadors, and activate our guests' experience the moment they exit their vehicle. And it would allow us to continue to provide extraordinary care for our wildlife patients. We are currently looking at all of our options and where Lindsay can have the greatest impact. While we treasure our relationship with City of Walnut Creek - City Hall, we have to look at all possible locations in the East Bay. We will keep you all updated on our exciting future! https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2018/09/18/lindsay-wildlife-experience-explores-potential-move-after-63-years-in-walnut-creek/