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HELP US CELEBRATE LORD RICHARD: Just a reminder that we'll be celebrating Lord Richard the Turkey Vulture's 48th birthday next Saturday, July 2! Join us outdoors from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. for this FREE, one-hour event in front of our exhibit hall near Lord Richard's aviary. Enjoy animal ambassador visits, fun nature-based activities, live music by @thecornerlaughers and a chance to watch Lord Richard eat a very special birthday cake. See you then!
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THE MOLTING PROCESS: What’s that in the Madagascar hissing cockroach tank? Is that an albino cockroach? No, it’s a cockroach that just molted. Molting is a crucial process for arthropods, as it lets them shed their old exoskeleton for a newer, bigger one. Before molting, this Madagascar hissing cockroach stopped eating, lay still, and took in a big puff of air. He then used the air to push against his old exoskeleton until it cracked open, and then pushed himself out of the opening. Out he burst with a new, white, but very soft, exoskeleton. He will then spend the next few days using more air to puff up the skeleton until it expands to its new size. Then it will harden and his coloring will return. Molting is a very dangerous process for arthropods that can easily lead to death, whether by predation, getting stuck, or a chemical error going wrong. Congratulations to you, little hissing cockroach, for getting through a very tough trial!

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