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SUMMER FIELD TRIP SIGN-UPS: Spend time with wildlife this summer in our exciting field trip programs. Meet our animal ambassadors, head outdoors or take a deep dive into our exhibit hall with dynamic activity and specimen stations. These hour-long onsite programs can be adjusted for different audiences ranging from children to adults and are perfect for summer schools, scout groups and other community groups. Visit https://bit.ly/3FYblue to sign up. Hurry - spaces fill up fast. Photo by Robert Thompson.
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GOPHER SNAKES VS. RATTLESNAKES: It’s getting warmer outside which means many animals, including snakes, will become much more active.

Snakes are so beneficial to our environment and it’s important to treat them with respect. They “pay rent” by consuming lots of rodents; even their presence may keep pests away.

We have two snakes in our area that may look very similar at first glance. The Pacific gopher snake and the western rattlesnake are both brown and have diamond shaped patterns going down their backs. The gopher snake will even shake its tail to mimic the sound of a rattlesnake! (Turn up the sound to hear the gopher snake in the video.)

The best way to tell them apart (from a safe distance) is looking at the head shape. Gopher snakes have very round heads while the head of a rattlesnake is diamond shaped. The gopher snake’s tail tapers off while the rattlesnake has that signature rattle. The best thing to do when you see any snake is to give them lots of space as this is their home as much as it is ours.
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